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Skin Two UK Viviclean, Vividress, Vivishine and Vivishine Spray Bundle Accessories
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  • SKU: BUN0002

Viviclean, Vividress, Vivishine and Vivishine Spray Bundle

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    Includes the following:

    Viviclean Latex Cleaner: (250ml)

    Washing lotion for latex and rubber clothing. Microbiologically disinfecting and antibacterial for intensive and careful latex cleaning. Skin compatibility dermatologically tested and is dye and perfume free and odor-neutralizing.


    Vividress Latex Dressing Aid: (250ml)

    Vividress is a dressing aid developed to help you slide effortlessly into your rubber clothing whilst also caring for its surface. Used inside transparent clothing it will create a much more dramatic finish, it is solvent and odour free and a perfect partner to the polish. And as an extra bonus a little goes a long way!


    Vivishine Latex Polish: (500ml)

    The Vivishine Latex polish is the perfect accessory to keep your latex glistening. Going out or staying in the bedroom vishishine will put that glossy look on any latex garment.


    Vivishine Latex Polish Spray: (250ml)

    Vivishine have taken latex polish to the next level. With the new spray feature it has never been easier to keep your latex shined and lookijng perfect.


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