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    Electro Sex

    Watch sparks fly when you plug in to our range of stimulating electrosex devices! From probes to paddles, we've got everything to electrify your sex life

    Electro Sex

    Electro Sex (46)

    Electrastim Electro Conductive Gel


    Electrastim Electra Pads


    Electrastim Electrapads 50 X 50mm


    Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Electro Sex Kit


    Electrastim Flick Stimulator Multi-Pack


    Electrastim Flick Stimulator Pack


    Electrastim Metallic Loops


    E-stim Cockcage - Black


    Electrastim Metallic Adjustable Scrotal Loop


    Electrastim Single (Uni Polar) Pinwheel


    Electrastim Fabric Cock and Scrotal Bands


    Electrastim Flick Duo Stimulator Multi Pack


    Electrastim Sirius Prostate Massager


    Electrastim Axis Stimulator


    Electrastim Prestige Cock Ring Size 3


    Electrastim Prestige Cock Ring Size 2


    E-stim Crop


    Electrastim Prestige Silver Loops


    Electrastim Prestige Red Loops


    Electro Nipple Suckers - Transparent


    Silicone Fusion Komodo Electro Dildo


    Electrastim Tadpole


    Silicone Fusion Habanero Electro Prostate Massager


    Electrastim Controller Remote Control Stimulator


    Electrastim Nona G-Spot Probe


    Electrastim Flick Duo Stimulator Pack


    Crush Electro Ball Press CBT Board


    E-Stim Hollow Butt Plug - Black


    Silicone Fusion Infinity Electro Pinwheel


    ElectraStim KIX Stimulator


    E-stim Paddle


    E-Stimulation Rabbit Vibrator - Black


    Electro Vibrating Wand


    Electrastim Ovid Dildo


    Electrastim Intruder Electro Butt Plug


    Explorer Electro Finger Sleeves