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Skin Two UK Latex Elbow Gauntlets with Trim in Black-Red Gloves
  • SKU: ZR6015.B/RS

Latex Elbow Gauntlets with Trim in Black-Red

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    These Latex Elbow Gauntlets with Trim in Black/Red are made from high-quality 0.45mm latex. Featuring open fingers and thumbs, so that they don't affect manual dexterity, they are comfortable to wear in a social setting or on a play date. The high contrast red trim sets these gauntlets aside from their plainer counterparts. They are straightforward to buff to a high shine to create a striking look and offer some great play possibilities. You can wear them with anything to create a look that shows that you have a kinky side. Available in four sizes. Please Note: All rubber/latex items from Honour are supplied unpolished and dusted (with talc) to preserve the material. This allows us to keep to our highest standards and to enable customers to choose their preferred finish. Polishing any item (as in the image) is simple, just use silicone spray or liquid polish, available in our accessories section and buff to a shine.

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