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Skin Two UK ID Jelly Travel Tube 60ml Lubes & Oils
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ID Jelly Travel Tube 60ml

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    ID Jelly 60ml Travel Tube is a thick water-based lube ideal for vaginal and anal intercourse or masturbation. Developed with years of experience to be both body-safe and extremely effective, it is an ideal lubricant of vaginal intercourse. Its thick viscous nature also makes it entirely suitable for anal pleasure too where the consistency means it will stay where it is intended. The unique formula developed in the US was awarded FDA 510K status. This is a thick lube that stays where you dispense it and delivers maximum performance with only a small amount. It is perfect for those wanting to steer away from silicone-based lubricants. It is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin, and it is also condom safe. Once spread out, it thins and provides a slippery cushion of lubricant to enhance pleasure and reduce friction. Perfect for toys, finger or full-on intercourse ID Jelly is a respected name that delivers. In use, it can be re-envigorated with a drop of water or saliva to prolong its slippery properties.